What Happens Between The Sheets When The Honeymoon Is Over?

What happens between the sheets once the honeymoon is over

My sex life has dwindled.

It’s been pretty much non-existent the last month.

Well except for maybe that one time…but I will spare you the details.

You see my husband and I are just never on the same “let’s have sex” wave length.  It’s either he’s in the mood and I am not or vice versa.  And I know it happens to every marriage but I just really thought that my marriage was invincible to that.

When you first get together with someone it’s like you can’t get enough of one another.  You can’t be in a room alone for more than 5 minutes before one of you is removing the other ones clothes.  The sex is so hot and steamy that you need a  cold shower several times a day just thinking about it.  ((wipe the sweat from your brow and continue))

But then over time you get married, you have kids, you gain weight, you lose weight, you work too much, exercise to little.  Yeah I know that I probably could have just stopped at “you get married” and everyone that’s married, and not having sex on a regular basis, would have totally related.

what happens between the sheets once the honeymoon is over ~ Housewife Chronicles

Why do things change between the sheets after the honeymoon phase is over?

Why all of a sudden do the hormones that once said “can’t wait to get naked and do the sideways mambo with him” gradually just turn into “ugh…not tonight honey…how about Wednesday of next week?” ((grabs planner and pencils it in))

It’s been this way in every long term relationship I have ever been in…even without being married.  It’s like suddenly one day I just wake up and what used to get the juices flowing has now drained the desire creek dry.  And no I am not referring to my lady vagina juice…that faucet works just fine. 😳

How do we get the desire back?  Is there a way without spending $150 a session with a sex therapist.  I mean seriously I have been to a therapist before for my own personal problems and she didn’t even speak clearly to me until I was about $1,000 in.

I used to blame it on the anti-depressant I was given after my last child was born.  It said that a possible side effect was ….how did they put it….lack of interest in sexual behaviors.   Or maybe it was advances.  Hell I don’t remember, all I knew is that I wasn’t interested in anything sex related while on it.  So I quit taking it.  It wasn’t doing anything for my mood swings.  And being bitchy along with never  horny….EVER…are grounds for any husband to leave.

So I went off them.

And for a while I thought I saw a flicker of hope in my sex mentality.  But nope…as fast as it came it went away even faster.

What happens between the sheets once the honeymoon is over

My poor husband has tried everything…although he did try this one thing one time that REALLY seemed to work but then he said that was just too much effort on his part to have sex.  Hmm.  Lazy asshole.  My husband…not my actual asshole.

How is your sex life? Are you married?  Has it changed?  Let me know in the comment would you…don’t be shy!

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5 thoughts on “What Happens Between The Sheets When The Honeymoon Is Over?

  1. Alas I cant offer any tried and tested advice here as Im only months into my marriage, but I would suggest forgetting about the sex and concentrate on just increasing the amount of time you spend actualy touching each other (behave!!) cuddling up when watching tv, holding hand when out walking, a quick snog in the kitchen, that sort of thing.

    Thanks for linking up, Tracey x #abitofeverything

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    1. The problem is that neither my husband nor myself are the “snuggling” kind. I honestly hate snuggling. I can’t remember the last time we held hands…or if we ever have come to think of it. It’s always worked for us because what we lacked in that we made up for in the bedroom.

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