Communication FAIL!

Yesterday after hours of discussing what needed to be changed in this relationship and coming to the conclusion that it was worth making said changes and seeing if the relationship would work…you come home last night…and continue to do the same damn thing.

For me I realized that after a couple days of not communicating and hardly speaking to you I missed you.  Therefore, I expressed this to you and told you that because of this I couldn’t see myself giving up just yet.  That if I miss you after 2 days…what’s it going to be like if you’re gone?

You agreed saying you loved me and that you wanted to work on changes.

And then you came home from work…

I had this entire night planned out in my head that we were going to try and have a connection.  A physical and emotional CONNECTION.  Instead you blew me off.  And the worst part is…you don’t think you did anything!

The scene in my head before you came home….

Husband comes home, wife has dinner made, kids already in bed, bedroom is SPOTLESS!  (Yeah I know you don’t expect all these things but I WANTED to do them for you)

Anyway after hubby is finished with dinner…wife jumps his bones…THE END.  Seems simple right?

The real scenerio…

Hubby comes home….plops in front of the tv while consuming his dinner…wife is trying to make eye contact with no prevail.  Hubby gets done eating and starts another show on his DVR list…wife shoots him a text message (our teenage son was sitting on the couch…don’t need him hearing that I want to get it on with his father) so wife sends hubby a text message saying “I can think of other things we could be doing than this”  hubby texts back “Yeah, a shower lol”.

Now maybe wife should have text back “together?”…..but I had already been the one to put the suggestion into the universe so why can’t the hubby play along with my original thought!!! It’s not everyday his wife shoots him a text of this magnitude.  And he consistently complains of that very thing.  So now she feels shot down and just goes to bed.  And hubby can’t understand why she’s upset.

Let me paint the background of before the hubby got home.  The storm had been brewing for over a week and a few days ago hit like a ton of bricks. I was sick of it, he was sick of it, neither of us felt very happy.  So yesterday after long discussions about what to do we finally reached a decision and felt that the relationship was worth salvaging.

In the end we both agreed that we still loved each other.

And then last night happened.  And now because I feel like I asked for something (which is what he told me I needed to do…communicate better) and then he didn’t follow through now I am just angry again.  I mean do I have to spell it out for him every…single… time?  Like wasn’t my text message a clear signal as to what I wanted!?!?

I am just frustrated and almost to the point of fed up!

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