My Faith

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I was brought up with a very strong existence about God.

My grandmother read the bible every morning as soon as she woke and visited church on occasions and I remember when I was younger, attending bible study.

When I was a teen and lived with my mother, she would get on church kicks where we would suddenly go to church a few Sundays in a row.

I was usually hungover and trying not to get caught dosing off only to be flicked in the back of the head by my mother when I did.

As I have gotten older and started to read my own articles about science and religion, and have found that religion, especially organized religion, is just a bunch of mumbo jumbo.  I have realized that religion is nothing that I want to be a part of, much less believe in.

I don’t believe in God, but I believe in being a good person.  I also believe in the paranormal although I have never experienced it and I especially believe in karma.

I am married to an atheist, who believes in nothing, and who also has decided to label me as agnostic.  But why do I need a label?  Why does anyone need to be labeled as something.  Perhaps if there weren’t so many labels there wouldn’t be so much controversy over who was right and who was wrong and who was just plain crazy.

To me, labels have become crazy.

If your child is hyper..they have ADD…if they are strange…they are on some autistic spectrum.  Like when did being weird become a label.  If someone is weird in their own way and it isn’t hurting anyone then why give them a label?

Not to mention everyone thinks of “Rainman” when the word autistic is mentioned.  And in the movie Tom Cruise’s character didn’t understand Dustin Hoffman’s character’s behavior but by the end learned to love his weirdness and accept it.  And let’s face it that motherfucker was smart and quick as a whip.

I have somewhat lost my faith in humanity because humanity itself has become a series of labels.  Like everything that’s out of the ordinary has to have a name for it.

Why can’t we all just be the humans we were meant to be and keep our skeletons in the closet as long as they aren’t endangering anyone or anything else?

I enjoy watching porn…does that make me a pervert?

If I was religious, why would I have to go to a church to pray?  Why would I have to follow someone else’s rules…someone who has really no proof as to the existence of what they believe.

Why do people that don’t eat meat have to be labeled as vegetarians?   And why should they frown upon me because I love me some meat!?!?

There are sometimes that my faith in humanity is restored…when I am able to witness acts of kindness.  There are times I myself try to restore it by helping the needy man on the corner, which most would label as homeless,  only to see him get out of a brand new car, two days later, to stand on the same corner.  And now every time I pass him I just want to flip him off or throw a penny at him.

I will tell you this much about faith…I have faith in myself,  I know exactly who I am, how weird I am, and know that believing in myself is truly the only way to succeed at anything….without fucking labels.

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