We Made It Through Christmas

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Well we made it through Christmas without drawing up divorce papers.  Although a few days before we had a major fight and I had a horrible breakdown that I am still recovering from.

I made it through the holiday by focusing on the happiness of our children and the several cocktails which my hands possessed throughout the day.

Don’t worry, you didn’t fail at letting me know that I had once again disappointed you with another Christmas fail of gifts for you.  I can always tell by the way you throw them aside rather than taking care of them and putting them where they belong.  The look on your face when you open them is a dead giveaway as well.

Don’t worry…there wasn’t anything real exciting that I got from you either.  And I still can’t believe that you didn’t notice you were ordering a juniors size jacket…duh.

You were off for an entire week and promised that we would sit down and do something like play a game of cards (we even bought a puzzle to do) but instead you wound up in front of the television as usual.  Watching movies that I don’t care to watch…and you don’t care that I don’t care.

Then you bought an XBOXONE for the kids for Christmas which you spent most of the day hoarding to yourself.  Not to mention your grinch behavior of telling the kids to clean up their mess…CONSTANTLY…and that half their new toys they couldn’t play with because they belong outside.  It’s Christmas asshole…let them be messy and I don’t think riding the scooter on our wood floors or flying the helicopter with our 16 ft high ceilings is going to damage anything.

You complimented me on the dinner I made which about made me fall out of my seat.  I think you must have been a little buzzed because the only time you ever say anything about my cooking is to tell me what’s wrong with it.

It’s almost the new year and we have been making a list of things that are going to change…I am looking forward to seeing which will conquer and which will fail.

I am also wondering if I will still have the same relationship status by the end of next year.

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