So Now I Am The Bad Guy

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I have said it before and I will say it again …being a step parent really doesn’t have a lot of perks.  I have pretty much raised my step son and cared for him longer than his egg donor ever did and although I have accepted that he will never call me mom…it still hurts.  Especially when his real mother isn’t even in the picture…AT ALL.

But that’s all irrelevant to this post…

My step son left yesterday for a sporting competition.  Before he was to leave I had asked him to get some stuff done, chore wise, around the house.  His father has been ill and pretty much useless at helping with anything so I was relying on my stepson’s help before he left.

He did nothing that I asked of him.

Yet he asked me to go to the store and load him up on snacks for his trip and to make sure he had money as well.  So the nice step mother that I am made sure to do that.  I do a lot for that boy and half of it goes totally unappreciated and usually unnoticed.

I text him last night after doing all the chores myself and let him know how upset I was.  I never heard a word back from him.  Whatever.  Didn’t really give two shits.

Then today my husband asked me why I was so upset with him (I had went off about something else I had found that he hadn’t done) so I told him why.

I have learned through the years that complaining to my husband really doesn’t matter because all he does is get upset that he feels like he has to referee between the two of us.  Which I call total bullshit because for the most part I have always handled the problems myself.


He informed me that I should tell him how I felt…in which I told him that I had text him last night and never gotten a response.

10 minutes pass…

My phone beeps with a text message from my step son stating that he is sorry he never text me back.  That’s it. Not that he’s sorry he didn’t do what I asked only that he’s sorry about the fact that his dad bitched at him for not getting back to me.

To be honest I was a little upset that his father even said anything to him.  I had pretty much been over the entire fact for about 24 hours now.

I text him back basically saying that I was upset but that I was over it and that I hoped he was having a good time at his sporting event.  Which then he informed me he had lost.

I replied with …well I will chalk that up to karma and put a funny face after it.

Now let me just say that this family is not an easy family to live in when you get upset about something.  We are all taught to pretty much suck up our feelings and get on with life.  No one’s allowed to get offended or have emotions pretty much what. so. ever.

So the fact that I said that to him, I felt was just the same as him telling me that my cooking was gross or I sucked at memorizing every player of every team in the NFL.  There are actually a lot of rude and crude comments that I endure from him and his father that I am expected to just roll off my shoulders.  But I say something and suddenly I am an asshole parent.

A week ago my husband told my 5 year old to stop being a dumbass. Yes those were his exact words and somehow that is great parenting compared to me telling my 15 year old that karma caused him to lose his sporting event.

What. The. Fuck. Ever.

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